Coding Activities for Advanced Students


Codecademy offers a variety of free courses for various languages including Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and many more. Courses are self-directed and include lessons, short quizzes, as well as projects for students to practice the concepts they are learning.


This list from DeVry Bootcamp provides outside resources for different parts of the coding process like front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

free code camp

This resource is probably best suited for older students or adults. Free Code Camp is an open online community that leads students through a series of self-directed challengess. After completing 1200 hours of challenges to master programming fundamentals, students have a chance to apply their knowledge to live projects for local nonprofits (under the supervision of a volunteer manager, of course!). is a resource that allows students who are unable to download an IDE to access an online development environment where they can build their own projects. The platform is available for projects in a variety of coding languages.

a smarter way to learn

JavaScript  HTML&CSS  jQuery

A Smarter Way to Learn is a great supplement to some of the other learning resources listed here. Many free coding resources online offer great introductions to programming concepts but are unable to provide many opportunities for practice or repetition. In exchange for an email address, A Smarter Way to Learn's website offers a series of quizzes and exercised for the languages listed above that are great for helping students to test and solidify their knowledge before moving on to the next lesson.

try ruby

Try Ruby is a short and sweet intro to programming in the Ruby programming language. Although you can't save your progress without purchasing a membership with Code School, this would make a great standalone activity for students during one Dojo session.