FabFems Spotlight

While we could always use more, there are a good number of fabulous females in the vast network of STEM professionals. The problem is connecting with them. That's where the FabFems directory comes in. 

The National Girls Collaborative Project, in response to the lack of women in STEM fields, is implementing the FabFems Project. As the initial phase of the project, the FabFems directory will serve as a "national database of women in STEM professions who are inspiring role models for young women." This directory will allow young girls and girl-serving STEM programs and organizations to find inspirational role models with a simple search that can be modified by city, state, country, interest area, ethnicity, field of work, etc. Once a role model is found, her profile can be viewed with a picture and information about her career, education, interests, a biography, and what level of participation she is willing to entertain. Participation levels range from online role model, during- or after-school visits, and field trip and summer camp participation. 

As of today, we have fewer than 20 FabFems in Indiana with profiles in the directory. Let's increase that number now! Click here to create your FabFems profile and then share this info with any women you know would make fabulous female (STEM!) role models.