VISTA PD Day o'Fun!

As our three VISTA members draw closer to the end of their service terms (*sob), we thought a professional development day, mixed with a bit of fun, was just the ticket to round out the busy month of May. So, on Friday the 22nd, we had the VISTAs show up bright and early at DeveloperTown in comfy clothes with their walking shoes laced up.

PD Day 2.jpg

We started the day with a walk on the Monon Trail into Broad Ripple, where we grabbed coffee and completed performance appraisal surveys, an etiquette quiz, and a time management worksheet. We then sat outside in the sunshine to discuss the results of our efforts, covering professional strengths and weaknesses, going over etiquette do's and don'ts, and setting goals around some of our toughest time wasters. Lunch on the patio at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub rounded out our excursion and we walked back to the office to finish the day with an M&M game centered on goal setting, and relaxing with a most beloved board game: Ticket to Ride.

Want to know a little more about our team? Here are some of the tidbits we gleaned from our M&M game...


  • Dream Job: Ethnographer 
  • Professional Strength: Organized
  • Adjective That Describes You: Creative
  • Professional You Admire: Brandon Sorge (SERI @ IUPUI)

Laura G.

  • Dream Job: Music Therapist
  • Professional Strength: Team Player
  • Adjective That Describes You: Pleasant
  • Professional You Admire: Oprah Winfrey


  • Dream Job: Fashionista
  • Professional Strength: Timely
  • Adjective That Describes You: Friendly
  • Professional You Admire: Laura Dodds