Meet the US2020 VISTAS!

After searching far and wide to fill the available VISTA positions in the US2020 initiative, we chose three new team members, Brandi Caruthers, Connor Karns and Sordum Ndam, to fulfill the roles of School Coordinator, Program & Evaluation Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator, respectively.

AmeriCorps VISTA is a federal initiative where volunteers elect to live at the local level of poverty and serve their community, usually by working with a nonprofit. Think Peace Corps, but domestic. Our VISTAs work to maintain and grow the sustainability and capacity of US2020

Meet this year's VISTAs below:

Brandi Caruthers
US2020 School Coordinator

Brandi serves as an intermediary between volunteers and the schools and community center sites where they will serve. She will attend sessions, addressing any questions or concerns, coordinate evaluation efforts, and expedite on-boarding of new schools and sites.

Fun Fact: Brandi is a cartoonist! She especially loves drawing anime.

Connor Karns
US2020 Program & Evaluation Coordinator

Connor leads evaluation procedures for the US2020 Initiative in Indianapolis. He will work to maintain pre-existing evaluation methods, including surveys, manage database input and reporting, and work to ensure student and volunteer engagement.

Fun Fact: Connor is a collector of Hawaiian shirts! He frequents local Goodwills to find more.

Sordum Ndam

Sordum is in charge of volunteer recruitment, in coordination with Maggie Cline, our Program Director. She will manage corporate partnerships, develop different ways to recognize exceptional volunteers, and coordinate social media outreach. 

Fun Fact: Sordum longboards and has gone up to 30 mph!


We're really excited to start Year 3 of the US2020 initiative both with returning and new members of our team. We'd love it if you walked along with us this year!