Inaugural Pi Day Celebration Impacts 260 Students

pi day 4.jpg

On March 14th, TPF4Y hosted our first official celebration of Pi Day! Pi Day is celebrated annually by mathematics fanatics around the globe as the day’s date (3.14) bears a striking resemblance to pi, the mathematical constant used in computing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Thanks to a generous gift from OneAmerica, TPF4Y was able to purchase several Math Pentathlon game boards which will be used during future Pi Day celebrations and also each summer when we partner with community sites for special one-time enrichment opportunities.

pi day 3.jpg

TPF4Y worked with Washington Irving School 14, Eliza A. Blaker School 55, and New Augusta Public Academy - South to commemorate Pi Day 2018 by organizing opportunities for students to play fun Math Pentathlon board games with local professionals.

In all, 41 volunteers contributed their time to ensure that Pi Day 2018 was a great success, from our partners at Kronos, DeveloperTown, First Internet Bank, Clean Slate TG, Randrr, Appirio, and Salesforce.

pi day 2.jpg

While Pi Day has passed for this year, we are still looking for volunteers to help facilitate Math Pentathlon games for students this summer and during the Fall 2018 semester.

Want to learn more? Think you might be able to help?