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presented by Lessonly



The CoderDojo Indiana Youth Hackathon, presented by Lessonly, Indiana's premiere youth coding event is tomorrow! We know it will be very hot outside, but we will be inside…with way cool air conditioning!

Jam packed with coding challenges, coding projects, and coding prizes, this day-long completely free celebration of computer science has something to offer youths of all levels of expertise. Registration for coders is available now. Just click on the Become a 2019 Coder button below and you are on your way to securing your ticket to learning and fun!

->The 2019 CoderDojo Youth Hackathon is “sold” out! You can still register for the wait list. <-


coderdojo indiana (CDI) youth Hackathon FAQs

What do kids do at the cdi youth HACKATHON?

Kids can do coding Challenges (problems) in either the block-based (Scratch) language or in the text-based Python, JavaScript or Ruby languages. New this year is Project Expo in which kids can create projects individually or in teams of up to three BEFORE the Hackathon. Then, they can bring, show, and explain their projects at the Hackathon. For those newbies with little to no coding experience, the My First Dojo Event will be back.

How much does it cost to attend THE cdi youth hackathon?

The CDI Youth Hackathon is free to attend! We just ask that you register ahead so we can make sure we recruit enough volunteers to create a #CodeallyAwesome experience for all coders.

How long IS the CDI youth Hackathon?

Our Hackathon lasts approximately 7 hours.

  • 9 am - Registration check In

  • 9:30 am - Opening Ceremony

  • 10 am - Challenges + My First Dojo + CoderDojo 101 for Parents

  • 11:30 - Lunch opens

  • Noon - Project Expo Setup

  • 1:00 pm - Project Expo Kickoff

  • 1:30 pm - Project Expo + Moonhack

  • 3:00 - Unplugged Fun

  • 3:30 - Wrap Up + Awards/Prizes


What is a hackathon, anyway?

A hackathon is an event during which a large number of people meet to participate in collaborative computer programming. At the CoderDojo Indiana Youth Hackathon, we bring kids together to show their coding skills, share their projects, and just have a great time with a bunch of other like-minded kids.

What should kids do to prepare for the CDI youth Hackathon?

Kids will get an idea of how they can prepare when they register. Additional prep instructions will be made available before the Hackathon. If they want to prep before then, they should join their local CoderDojo for help in creating cool projects today!

How do kids win awards at the CDI youth Hackathon?

We give awards in four categories at our Hackathon: Excellence, Innovation, Determination, and Collaboration. Those last three categories are based on your attitude at the event - not how many points you score. Specific information about our 2019 awards will be released after our registration goes live!

Who is lessonly?

We are so excited to welcome Indianapolis-based tech company, Lessonly, as this year’s presenting sponsor of the CDI Hackathon! Lessonly selected TPF4Y as a Brighter Indianapolis Fund grant recipient this year - read more about the details and their commitment to supporting TPF4Y’s mission on our blog!