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Now gearing up for its third year, the CoderDojo Indiana Youth Hackathon is Indiana's premiere youth coding event. Jam packed with coding challenges, games, and prizes, this day-long celebration of computer science has something to offer for student "ninjas" of all levels of expertise. Registration and challenge info for the upcoming event will be released on January 1st, 2019! Sign up here to receive email notification when tickets become available.


CDI Hackathon FAQs

What do kids do at the EVENT?

Our hackathon challenges are typically structured as hands-on, interactive projects. Kids receive a prompt to respond to (or questions to answer) and then build a solution using either Scratch, Python, or another platform, depending on which hackathon challenge they are participating in.

How much does it cost to attend THE EVENT?

The CDI Hackathon is free to attend! We just ask that you register ahead so we can make sure we recruit enough volunteers to create a #CodeallyAwesome experience for all attendees.


How long IS the CDI Hackathon?

Our hackathon takes approximately 8 hours. We have a 30 minute opening ceremony, 5.5 hours of coding, and a 1.5 hour code party and then a 30 minute prize and award ceremony at the end!


What's a hackathon, anyways?

A hackathon is an event during which a large number of people meet to participate in collaborative computer programming. At the CoderDojo Indiana Hackathon, we bring kids together to build cool projects: apps, games, websites, and more! You name it - we want to help you build it!

What should kids do to prepare for the CDI Hackathon?

Kids should follow the specific prep instructions for the hackathon challenge they register for after the challenges go live on 1/1. If they want to prep before then, they should join their local CoderDojo to start building cool projects today!

How do kids win awards at the CDI Hackathon?

We give awards in 4 categories at our hackathon: Excellence, Innovation, Determination, and Collaboration. Those last three categories are based on your attitude at the event - not how many points you score. Specific information about our 2019 awards will be released on 1/1 when our registration goes live!