What is CoderDojo Indiana?

CoderDojo Indiana gets kids ages 7-17 excited about computer science and inspires them to consider tech or development career paths! We are a regional partnership between TechPoint Foundation for Youth, CoderDojo Foundation, and local CoderDojo coding clubs. We raise funds, provide hardware and software and support with volunteer and student recruitment to provide free computer science education for Indiana kids.

What We've Done

Since June 2016, we’ve been hard at work launching 20 new CoderDojo clubs in Indiana and we’re almost there! Once our last “sites-in-planing” launch, Indiana will be home to a thriving network of 35 CoderDojo coding clubs. Our 400+ students have taken Code.Org courses, built Scratch games, explored Python, JavaScript, and each month they add to their growing expertise. We’ve also raised funds to purchase fun tools like littleBits invention kits, Raspberry Pi computers, and Sphero bots to inspire our Indiana CoderDojo ninjas.

What We're Doing

We’ll be hosting our inaugural hackathon on 7/22/17!  Click here for registration and event info.

We’re also raising funds, planning trainings, and talking with our students volunteers to figure out what’s next. 

We Provide:

  • Region-specific support to Indiana CoderDojo sites
  • Streamlined verification for listings on the CoderDojo.com website
  • Assistance with volunteer and student recruitment (click here to volunteer!)
  • Access to the CoderDojo Indiana Fund to support:
    • Purchase of technology to allow low-income students to attend Dojos
    • Ability to receive charitable donations to support Dojos
  • Advisory Board of Directors consisting of community and business leaders and Dojo Champions to shape the growth of the movement in Indiana 


A CoderDojo is a free, volunteer-led, community-based coding clubs for students ages 7 to 17. All students are welcome regardless of their previous experience with computer programming. At a Dojo, kids learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and explore technology in an informal and creative environment.

Around the world, there are more than one thousand CoderDojo sites supported by the CoderDojo Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. The international CoderDojo movement focuses on promoting community, peer learning, youth mentoring, and self-led learning.