IN STEM Teacher Grants

IN STEM projects that have been funded to date will impact over 15,000 Indiana students.

Having launched in 2013, the IN STEM (formerly EnablINg STEM) teacher grant program is open to all Indiana K-8th grade classroom teachers. Awarding of grants is based on classroom innovation, the enhancement of existing curriculum, and implementation of hands-on, inquiry based STEM programming. 

This grant program provides teachers with funding opportunities ranging from $75-$500 to use on classroom equipment and supplies, with an emphasis on programs that are sustainable beyond the grant period. We hope to expand this program and eliminate the financial barriers that prevent teachers from bringing their amazing STEM ideas to the classroom.

The IN STEM teacher grant cycle is now open. Please click here to submit your application.

Key Dates:

  • All applications must be submitted by January 18, 2019.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by February 15, 2019.

  • All granted supplies must be purchased by May 31, 2019.

  • All granted activities must be completed by December 31, 2019.

* Preference will be given to applications from schools with a free and reduced price lunch percentage of 55% or greater.

2016-2017 School year results

  • $10,000 in direct classroom support

  • 54 Proposals

  • 23 Grant Awards

  • Chosen projects ranged from renewable energy to rocketry

2016-2017 EnablINg STEM Grant Recipients:

  1. Pat Jarboe, William Tell Elementary

  2. LouAnne Walden, Elwood Intermediate

  3. Lindie Ludlow, Snacks Crossing Elementary

  4. Matthew Perkins, H.L. Harshman Magnet Middle

  5. Emily Page, J.E. Ober Elementary

  6. Matthew Brown, Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate

  7. Kyle Love, West Jay Middle School

  8. Shannon Shrader, Taylor Elementary

  9. Amanda Poynter, East Side Elementary

  10. Dave Safer, Skiles Test School of STEM

  11. Anne Damiano, Guion Creek Elementary

  12. Elizabeth Wells, Grassy Creek Elementary

  13. Tonya Gable, Tindley Renaissance Academy

  14. Ronak Shah, Kipp Indy College Prep Middle

  15. Kylie Keevy, H.L. Harshman Magnet Middle

  16. Wade Matti, Riverside Intermediate School

  17. James Todor, East Side Elementary School

  18. Aaron Picket, Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary

  19. Tracy Nicodemus, Hay Primary Center

  20. Brooke Austin, Grassy Creek Elementary

  21. Jo Spurr, North Vermillion Jr./Sr. High

  22. Paula Ritenour, Taylor Elementary

  23. Terry Mitchell, Guion Creek Elementary

2015-2016 School year results

  • $7,500 in direct classroom support

  • 36 Proposals

  • 17 Grant Awards

  • Chosen projects ranged from robotics to 3D modeling to frog dissection

2015-2016 EnablINg STEM Grant Recipients:

  1. LaShonda Huff, Carl Wilde School #79-Indianapolis Public Schools

  2. Ryan Hendren, Creston Intermediate Academy- MSD of Warren Township

  3. Heather Martin, Eastbrook Elementary School-MSD of Pike Township

  4. Jennifer Cornett, Eastridge Elementary School-MSD Warren of Township

  5. Kim Sapp, Elwood Intermediate School-Elwood Community Schools

  6. Melissa Hupfer, George W. Julian School #57, Indianapolis Public School

  7. Sean Atkins & Kylie Keevy, Harshman Magnet Middle School-Indianapolis Public Schools

  8. Erin Currie, John Marshall Junior High School-Indianapolis Public Schools

  9. Adam Scott, Julia E. Test Intermediate School-Richmond Community Schools

  10. Laura Fulton, Pipe Creek Elementary-Maconaguah School Corporation

  11. Stephen McFarland, Sidener Academy #59- Indianapolis Public Schools

  12. Jennifer Sigler & Dave Shafer, Skiles Test Elementary-MSD of Lawrence Township

  13. Kris Samick, Spencer Elementary School-Spencer-Owen Community Schools

  14. Eileen O’Keefe, Thomas D. Gregg #15-Indianapolis Public Schools

  15. Sue Keene, West Newton Elementary School-MSD of Decatur Township

2014-2015 School Year Results*

  • $5,000 in direct classroom support

  • 46 Proposals

  • 15 Grant Awards

  • Chosen projects ranged from software engineering to family science night

2014-2015 EnablINg STEM Grant Recipients:

  1. Center For Inquiry #27, Ann Mennonno (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  2. Charles Elementary, Amber Hall (Richmond Community Schools)

  3. Cold Spring School, Kris Compton (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  4. Cold Spring School, Tisha Montgomery (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  5. Cold Spring School, Chelsea Reed (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  6. Elizabeth Starr Academy, Kristin Ross (Richmond Community Schools)

  7. Flint Springs Elementary, John Stoffel (Huntington County Community School Corporation)

  8. Fort Wayne North Side High School, Joseph Bittner (Fort Wayne Community Schools)

  9. Leesburg Elementary, Teresa Jordan (Warsaw Community Schools)

  10. Lincoln Elementary, Brenda Neff (North Lawrence Community Schools)

  11. Northview Middle School, Thomas Hakim (MSD of Washington Township)

  12. Spring Mill Elementary, Kristin Poindexter (MSD of Washington Township)

  13. Step Ahead Academy, Peter Meng (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  14. Tzouanakis Intermediate School, Michelle Thomas (Greencastle Community Schools)

  15. Wilson Preschool, Lisa Tyler (Crawfordsville Community School Corp)

*based on our partnership with the Moorehead Family Foundation, proposals serving Grant and Marion Counties were weighted.

2013-2014 School Year Results

  • $7,000 in direct classroom support

  • 31 Proposals

  • 15 Grant Awards

  • Chosen projects ranged from robotics and weather to solar panels to animal habitats

2013-2014 EnablINg STEM Grant Recipients:

  1. 21st Century Charter School – Gary (Lake County Charter School)

  2. Anderson Preparatory Academy (Madison County Charter School)

  3. Barker Middle School (Michigan City Area Schools)

  4. Concord Junior High School (Concord Community Schools)

  5. Deerfield Elementary School (Randolph Central School Corporation)

  6. Fairview Elementary School (Logansport Community School Corporation)

  7. Indian Creek Elementary School (MSD Lawrence Township)

  8. KIPP Indianapolis College Preparatory (Marion County Charter School)

  9. Merle Sidener Gifted Academy (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  10. Plaza Park International Prep Academy (Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation)

  11. Rousseau McClellan School 391 (Indianapolis Public Schools)

  12. Tindley Preparatory Academy (Marion County Charter School)

  13. South Grove Intermediate School (Beech Grove City Schools)

  14. Stonybrook Middle School (MSD Warren Township)

  15. West Side Middle School (Elkhart Community Schools)