Robotics Start-Up Grant - middle School 6th - 8th graders

If you are a non-school interested in applying for the robotics grant please visit the Non-School Robotics Grant page. 

Interested applicants should review the following Terms and Conditions and FAQ before applying. Upon confirmation of all Terms and Conditions, candidates may begin the application process. Only one grant will be awarded per eligible school. If the applicant still has questions or concerns, please contact us at

Please note, once you begin the application process there is not an option to save and return. In total, this application should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Terms and Conditions
By checking each box below you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. *
*If you cannot meet all of the listed terms and conditions, please encourage a qualified applicant to proceed with the grant application. For additional questions or clarifications about the above criteria, contact
**Schools who are not able to meet grant criteria are required to ship the granted equipment back to TechPoint Foundation for Youth.
Contact Information
Robotics Educator *
Robotics Educator
This is the elementary educator who will be responsible for meeting all grant requirements and assuring their team’s best chance at a successful experience. This person may or may not be the Robotics Coach but will be required to support the volunteer coach.
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Robotics Educator School Phone *
Robotics Educator School Phone
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Robotics Educator Cell Phone
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You can find your school's code here: It will be the number in ( ) next to your school name.
School Address *
School Address
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School Administrator Contact *
School Administrator Contact
This is a principal, vice principal, or counselor who will be a backup contact throughout the grant process.
School Administrator Contact Phone *
School Administrator Contact Phone
Proposal Summary
What grades does your school serve or will it serve in the Fall 2019 semester? (check all that apply) *
What grade(s) do you predict will be on your robotics team? (teams can be made up of multiple grades) *
Remember it is completely okay if you have no experience with robotics. We will train you!
Where did you hear about the State Robotics Initiative? *
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