The 3rd Annual IndyVRC STEM Fair is just a few days away! Please read through the below information to be sure you're ready!

1) STEM Fair Check-in

2) STEM Fair Bingo + Raffle

3) Load-in / Load-Out

4) Parking

5) Lunch

6) Valuables

7) Wifi Access

8) Social Media

9) Day of Event Contact


1) STEM Fair Check-in

Upon arrival in Halls A-C at the Indiana Convention Center, please make your way to the STEM Fair Registration booth (click here for a map). Once there, you will be given a map of the event space, and directed to your booth. If you arrive at the booth and find no one, hold tight, or text a TPF4Y Staffer (Maggie: 317.371.8728 or Laura: 317.371.4174). Please give yourself plenty of time to unload, then go park, come back and set-up, and be ready by 10am. As you know, the kids will be counting down the minutes!

2) STEM Fair Bingo + Raffle

In a attempt to hear your thoughts and evolve the STEM Fair to be the best that it can be, this year we will be having the kids play a game of STEM Fair BINGO! (Click here to see the front of the BINGO card and the back of the BINGO card.)

Students will collect BINGO cards from the registration booth, then visit Fair booths in hopes of receiving stickers to place on their BINGO card. You determine if they have met your standards of receiving a sticker for participation! 

Each of you was given a spot on the card. If you registered late, or do not see your logo, don't worry, students will still visit your booth, they just will not get a sticker. 

After a student has a BINGO, they should return to the STEM Fair Registration booth to receive a raffle ticket. This year, items will be raffled off throughout the event, so students will be able to put their ticket in the raffle bucket of their choice based on interest and timing. 

Bingo Rules:

  1. Raffle is for students in grades K-12*
  2. Adults may not participate on behalf of their child
  3. 5 total BINGOs allowed per card
  4. 1 card per student
  5. BINGOs can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  6. There is no "free space"
  7. Students must interact to receive a sticker
  8. One sticker per interaction**
  9. Booth hosts place stickers, which must be on their logo.
    *Preschoolers may still participate, we will have a token gift for them when they complete their BINGO, they are just not eligible for the raffle.
    ** If you run out of stickers, let us know, then just sign the card over your logo.

3) Load-in / Load-out

The STEM Fair will be held from 10am-3pm, with load-in on Sunday, January 24th from 8:00am-9:30am. Large items that need driven into the event, including trucks and trailers, should plan to load-in on Saturday, January 23rd between 7:30am-11am. Load-out can begin right at 3pm for booths that can carry their items out, however large items that will need driven out of the space will need to plan to load-out at 7:15pm.

Load-in and load-out will take place at the Hall A Ramp at the exhibit hall docks located off Missouri Street on the west side of the Convention Center (click here for a map). Your booth volunteers are also welcome to park in any of the surrounding parking garages and hand-carry their equipment in if this is feasible for them. 

Unfortunately, carts will not be available. Please plan to bring any hand trucks you will need during load-in and load-out.

4) Parking

Each booth host will receive one free parking pass. These parking passes must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. Click here to access a printable PDF parking pass. Please do not share more than 1 parking pass with your volunteers or we will run out of free parking spots. Additional parking is available near the convention center at your expense. Good news is that metered parking spots are free on Sundays! Please see Visit Indy's website for other great parking resources.

5) Lunch

Lunch options will be available within the space at your expense, or you may to choose to order box lunches for $21 per person in advance by contacting Maggie@TechPointYouth.org by Wednesday 1/20/16 by 5pm. You may also discreetly carry in lunch, but no coolers are permitted.  You are not permitted to order delivery lunch services into the Convention Center. Please plan to make lunch arrangements with your volunteers in advance, and potentially schedule a lunch break. Keep in mind that lunchtime may be the busiest time of the Fair, as competition will break from about 11:45am-1pm for students.

6) Valuables

Personal items and valuables will not be secure at your booth at any time during the event. Please plan accordingly and leave your valuables at home.

7) Wifi Access

Wifi will not be provided, but can be accessed on site via the following networks:

Verizon WiFi – Free to Verizon Wireless devices only. So basically just cell phones and tablets that have a Verizon 4G card built into it with an active subscription. Available everywhere.

Free Internet – Free. 256Kbps on the download and upload. Only available in the three food courts at the Indiana Convention Center.

Instant Internet - $12.95 per day per device. 768Kbps on the download and upload. Meant for email and web browsing.Does not work inside the exhibit halls.

Exhibitor Internet - $79.99 per day per device, 159.99 for 3 days per device, and 239.99 for 5 days per device. 1.5Mbps on the download and upload. Meant for heavier web use such as streaming. Available everywhere.

To purchase Instant or Exhibitor Internet you can take the following steps.

1) Associate to Instant Internet or Exhibitor Internet
2) Open up a web browser if our splashpage doesn’t automatically open.
3) When your browser attempts to go to its home page, it will be redirected to our splashpage.
4) On the left hand side is where you can click a button to purchase the wireless.

Note: if purchasing for multiple accounts, the username must be unique for each device and must be purchased on each device.

8) Social Media

Please plan to participate in the conversation that will be happening via social media leading up to and during the event! Follow @IndyVRC and @TechPointYouth and be sure to use the hashtag #IndyVRC2016. Also, if you'd like to promote the STEM Fair, please use this link to the flyer!

9) Day of Event Contact:

STEM Fair volunteers will be available throughout the event at the STEM Fair Registration booth. You may also text Maggie Cline (317.371.8728) should you need immediate assistance.