Dash and Dot to the Rescue

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Project Name: Dash and Dot to the Rescue

Grade Level: 3rd, 4th and 5th grade

Number of Students: Approximately 20

Indiana Standards project aligns with:

Computer Science 3-5 P.A.1 - Use technology resources for problem solving and self-directed learners

P.A.3 - Implement problem solutions using a Block-based visual programming language

List of Supplies

  • Dot Creativity Kit

  • Dash Robot

  • Challenge Cards

  • Curriculum Guide

    Lesson Plan

Lesson objectives: To develop skills in block-based coding

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: The third grade students worked with the Dot robot challenge cards. The fourth and fifth grade worked on coding the Dash robot using the challenge cards.

ENGAGEMENT: The teacher will capture the students’ attention by recording her voice and driving the robot over to a student and introducing itself’ “Hi, I’m Dash the robot.”

● How do I learn to use the robot?

● Can I record my own voice?

● What else can the robots do?

● How does it work?

EXPLORATION: Students will work in small groups. The students in the robot group will choose a challenge card from the box. Then the student will complete the challenge listed on the card. Each student in the group will be given a chance to complete one challenge.

● The teacher will have other students working on activities in their small group and rotate after 10 mins (can be any type of group you choose)

● What activities can you code the robot to perform?


● What kinds of jobs do you think use coding? How can robots make life easier?

● How can you create other tasks for the robot to complete?


● Students will write code using Blockly to perform other tasks

● Blockly, code, functions

● Coding is a skill that will help students become better problem solvers and develop 21st century skills.

The will communicate and collaborate with peers to complete tasks.


● Student will be given a challenge card and asked to complete the challenge by themselves

● Students will be completing challenges in small groups with help from their group members to prepare for their final challenge

Teacher Testimony:

The students loved the robots, especially Dash. Some students just wanted to drive the robot around or record their voice. However, it was awesome to see how many of my students got into coding. One third grade girl excelled in coding the robot. She was able to get the robot to change colors, come when she clapped her hands and do various other things using code she developed on her own. ”

Credit: Tammy Tiede - Charter School of the Dunes - Gary, IN