Creation Station


Project Name: Creation Station

Grade Level: 1st grade

Number of Students: Approximately 22

Indiana Standards project aligns with: 1st grade language arts, science, and social studies standards.

List of Supplies

  • 9 volt batteries

  • motors

  • cups

  • duct tape

  • markers

  • paper

  • other building supplies

Lesson Plan

Lesson objectives: This is a station in my classroom where students can create a project or item to following up with a reading activity.  The creations can be anything students want.  They have to create a plan and be able to explain their creation and its purpose.


  • Hands on activity

  • Students can evaluate their own creations. 

  • What could I have done differently?

  • What did I need to change?

  • What worked really well?

EXPLORATION: Students experiment with different materials and discover that items have more than one use.

EXPLANATION: How is this creation related to your story or writing? Explain how it relates to your book.

ELABORATION: Students will verbalize the creation process by describing what they did, what materials they used, the purpose of the creation, and the successes and failures. 

EVALUATION: Students take pictures for their creation logs and can share their creations with the class.

Teacher Testimony:

My students were engaged and excited to do these hands on activities. They learned the importance of needing a plan, some trials, and appropriate supplies. I love the fact that they were also able to talk about their projects and what they might try differently and what they learned during the process.”

Credit: Stacey Bone - Metro North Elementary - Wabash, IN