Robotics and Coding

Project Name: Robotics and Coding

Grade Level: K-6th

Number of Students: 35

Indiana Standards project aligns with:

K-2.DI.3 Recognize that software is created to control computer operations.

3-5.DI.2 Develop a simple understanding of an algorithm (e.g., search, sequence of events, or sorting) using computer-free exercises.

3-5.CD.4 Recognize that computers model intelligent behavior (as found in robotics, speech and language recognition, and computer animation).

List of Supplies

  • Lego Mindstorms

  • Spheros

  • Ozobots

  • Code-a-Pilars

  • Makey Makeys

  • Wonder Dash

    Lesson Plan

Lesson objectives: Introduce robotics and coding to students in grades K-6.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: Different robots and sites were used at different grade levels. Students were grouped to get help as needed.

ENGAGEMENT: YouTube clips of each available robot were shown to demonstrate what the capabilities of each robot.

EXPLORATION: Students were grouped to allow time with each robot in a small group. That way every student would get to experiment with a robot in small groups over the course of multiple lessons.

EXPLANATION: The teacher will walk around and ask/answer questions and pose challenges to the groups based on the available robots.

ELABORATION: Students begin to challenge each other and offer tips and advice to groups as they rotate. The teacher can pose additional challenges as the weeks progress and students become more familiar with the robotics tools and websites.

EVALUATION: Teacher will evaluate and observe the students’ ability to problem solve and work with the robots to develop new challenges and ideas.

Teacher Testimony:

This was a very flexible project in my capacity as an eLearning coach. I started with my older students and slowly demonstrated to young students. MY fifth and sixth grade students spent the most time with the robots during weekly specials classes while younger students were introduced as time permitted in between teacher requested lessons and activities. ”

Credit: Jeremy Hughes - Hayden Elementary - Hayden, IN