Robot Ready

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Project Name: Robot Ready

Grade Level: 3rd - 8th

Number of Students: 24

Indiana Standards project aligns with:

  • 3-5.CD.4 Recognize that computers model intelligent behavior (as found in robotics, speech and language recognition, and computer animation).

  • 3-5.PA.3 Implement problem solutions using a block-based visual programming language.

List of Supplies

  • EvoBots

  • iPads

    Lesson Plan

1.        Students will use the EvoBot app to learn the controls, play the installed games, and understand how the sensors work (this was done as a comparison to the OzoBots in my situations)

2.       Student groups will design a game and research possible add ons that can be 3D printed for the EvoBots.  My students chose games that were versions of football and soccer.  Variations to the game were made so that the younger students could play the games that were designed by the older students.  This was first implemented as a driving game.  After the driving game was played and mastered, the students made block code variations using the EvoBot apps to complete the tasks necessary to “score without competing with another team.

3.       Last, the older students created tasks for the younger classes to do as stations.  Some involved driving and some involved coding.  i.e.  The EvoBot needs to find a way to collect three “flowers” “cubes” and take them to the “garden” (zone on table) to be planted.

The older students enjoyed making the challenges for the younger students and spent a lot of time thinking about what their abilities would be and how to make it interesting for them. 

Teacher Testimony:

“ The EvoBots really lend themselves to being able to teach students a tool and the software and then allow the students to take it further. I was able to start with the EvoBots and their similarities to the OzoBots link that to our 3D Printer to create game pieces, then take that through their advanced programming abilities to have students meet challenges and problems given to them”

Credit: Genevieve McLeish-Petty - Cold Spring Elementary School - Indiana, Indiana