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Jeff dodson

Jeff Dodson is the Chief Information Officer for UnitedHealthOne, the individual health insurance business unit of UnitedHealthcare, a Fortune 20 company. Jeff leads UnitedHealthOne’s information technology functions and focuses on growth, transformation, and operational excellence. His current mission is to right-size legacy IT operations to the challenging current state of the individual health insurance business while helping lead UnitedHealthOne’s transformation to a digital payer.

Jeff has a 35-year career in Information Technology including 15 years as an IT executive at Sony and Ascension Health prior to joining UnitedHealthOne.Most of his career was spent with Sony when people actually cared about physically owning their music and video entertainment.  His professional passion is to help IT organizations achieve and thrive beyond expectations.

He pays forward in the IT community by networking with and developing the next generation of senior IT leaders. Jeff is a 2017 IBJ & Techpoint CTO of the Year Award honoree.