Robotics Start-up Grant - elementary schools - Terms & Conditions

Interested applicants should review the following terms and conditions before applying. If the applicant still has questions or concerns, please contact us at Please note, only one grant will be awarded per eligible elementary school.

1.  Applicant must be an Indiana Elementary educator, who is currently working with either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th graders.

Elementary School team members should be students born after May 1, 2008 (i.e. who will be 11 or younger at VEX Worlds 2020).

2. Applicant’s elementary school does not already have an elementary VEX IQ Robotics team

The objective of this grant is to make robotics education accessible to Indiana students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to compete on a team. If your school already has an Elementary VEX IQ team, please contact for other possibilities.

3. Applicant will have the ability to assemble a robotics team of at least three 1st-5th grade students.

Typical team sizes range from 3-12 students. It can be beneficial for both teachers and students to start with smaller team numbers. A larger team will likely require additional robot kits.

4. Applicant agrees to attend a 4 hour professional development training session if awarded the grant

We are dedicated to ensuring your confidence with the robotics kit and PLTW activities. Required professional development workshops will be held at an Ivy Tech campus near your school.

5. Applicant will teach at least one Project Lead The Way activity (provided) during the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school year

Project Lead The Way activities will be discussed during the required professional development training session. Awarded applicants will have two years to incorporate at least one PLTW activity into the classroom. This is one of the most important components to the grant; by exposing robotics to all students, and not just those on the robotics team, teachers will help spark an interest for those students who did not think STEM was something they would be interested in.

6. Applicant will train at least one colleague on a provided Project Lead The Way activity in an effort to reach more students

The more students and teachers exposed to robotics the better! We ask that each awarded educator share what they learn at the professional development training with at least one other teacher in order to reach as many students as possible with this initiative.

7. Applicant will coordinate team attendance to one VEX IQ robotics competition event

Awarded applicants will be expected to attend one competitions. Educators and their teams will have so much fun that they will likely want to compete as much as they can. Local competition cost range from $30-50.

8. Applicant agrees to include TechPoint Foundation for Youth & major sponsor logos on any team t-shirts, websites, flyers, or other promotional material

Most teams will make t-shirts, websites, promotional material and other SWAG - we just ask that you recognize TechPoint Foundation for Youth and other key sponsors. We will even give you stickers to put on your robot!.

9. Applicant agrees to lead a VEX IQ robotics elementary team for two years (2019-20 and 2020-21 school year)

This grant is designed to provide resources that educators might not otherwise have access to. Our hope is that this grant will get educators, students, and parents excited about robotics and STEM education, leading to the expansion of this type of programming at each participating school. TechPoint Foundation for Youth will also help pair STEM volunteers with each interested robotics team to help bring real-world experiences into the classroom so that students can better understand what STEM professionals do for careers.

10. Applicant agrees to complete pre- and post-surveys as the Robotics Educator as well as ensure completion of surveys from students and any volunteer mentors

We want to measure the impact of this grant. We will provide an easy to use, online based survey for each involved party to complete. Completion of these surveys will also help us improve our process.

Schools who are not able to meet grant criteria are required to ship the granted equipment back to TechPoint Foundation for Youth.