Robot Resources

We learned a lot in our first year of working with all of the new robotics educators. Below we have listed some resources that we think will help you out! (click on title to expand)

Robot Tasks by Month

This is simply a suggested robotics season schedule and does not need to be followed exactly. 


Robot Report Cards archive

Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (REC)

For questions related to competitions, team registration, and events please contact Indiana's Regional Support Manager:

Randy Decker 


Phone: 317.286.6492

Visual Edge, Inc.

VisualEdge Robotics, one of the largest VEX Robotics suppliers in the United States and Indiana's official supplier, was founded in August 2007 and is based in Kokomo, Indiana. A development and education partner with VEX Robotics, VisualEdge (VE) sells exclusively to the education market in 11 states and has established itself as a leader and partner for the schools it serves. VE is a company consisting of educational and technical professionals led by a team of seasoned robot designers, builders, and mentors who have accumulated more than 75 years of experience in competitive robotics. They are committed to promoting robotics education as an avenue of learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) beyond what is typically found in the traditional classroom. For inquiries or ordering information, please contact them.

Contact: Dan Ward


Phone: (765) 319-3257

PD Resources