Robotics Competitions

The VEX IQ robotics season begins in October. The competition model consists of local competitions (held at schools and organizations around the state) from November through February, with the State Championship in March, and the VEX World Championship taking place in April. Competitions are 1 day, 6-8 hour events held on Saturdays. Teams can choose to attend as many or as few as they want. We ask that recipients of the grant compete once at a one local competition during the season. Local competitions only cost $25 per team. 

Last school year (2016-2017) Indiana had 44 local competitions in which teams could compete. The map below shows the locations of those competitions. If you don't see a competition near your school, don't worry - the number of competitions and locations will increase significantly during the 2017-2018 season. Also, read below to learn how to host a competition at your own school. 


FIRST Competition

Feeling nervous about registering for a competition? We know that as a new coach you may be feeling hesitant to sign up for your first competition.

Coaches tend to say:

  • "We aren't ready!" - said every robotics coach ever 
  • "Our robot doesn't work yet" - said every robotics coach ever
  • "I don't know what to expect at the competition" - said every robotics coach ever

We want you to know that your students will have a blast at their first competition regardless of how their robot performs. There will be a tremendous amount of learning opportunities for coaches and students.

Here are some helpful resources to help prepare you for your VEX IQ competition: 

Hear from one of our first year coaches from South Newton Elementary whose team competed at an Indiana competition. Learn what she and her students took away from this valuable first experience. Read her story here. 

South Newton Elementary Robotics Team

Host a competition

To support our state’s continued growth in robotics, we are always looking for schools who might be interested in becoming an event partner and hosting a competition. Hosting a competition at your school is a fun and unique way to connect robotics students from all around the state of Indiana.

Below are just a few of the benefits your school will get out of planning and hosting a robot event:

  • Provides your team the convenience of a competition right at home!
  • Gives administrators, members of your community, and other students the opportunity to experience VEX IQ robotics in action!
  • Raises funds for your school or your robot team! Competition entry fees are $25 per team.$25 x 30 teams = $750 profit for your school!
  • Additionally, there is also the opportunity to earn money from concessions and/or merchandise.

Check out these Event Partner Resources from our Robot Resource Page:

We understand that the thought of hosting a competition might be a bit overwhelming. If you are still feeling hesitant about hosting an event, or have questions, we can help! REC Regional Support Manager, Randy Decker, is available to get you started and to provide training. We can also connect you with veteran competition hosts from around the state!

If you have any questions about hosting an event please contact Randy Decker -