Launched in 2016, the State Robotics Initiative (SRI) was developed to take the successful IndyVRC model statewide, beginning at the elementary school level. The objective of this initiative is to provide a hands-on, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experience to Indiana students through an economical, entry level robotics platform.

TPF4Y is now moving into the second year of offering a robotics start-up grant, which provides everything needed to start a successful robotics program, to 400 interested and qualified elementary schools.  This 2-year program has the potential to impact 80,000 Indiana students!

Why Robotics?

Robotics is a proven platform that engages diverse student populations in comprehensive STEM subject matter and has been proven to spur student interest in STEM college and career pathways. Because of its multi-faceted, fast-paced nature, it engages students in complex yet fun ways, encouraging them to use critical thinking skills to solve a given task. Robotics requires students to develop mechanical and electrical knowledge and an understanding of computer programming and science to learn how to design, prototype, and troubleshoot, all while working together as a team. 


Prior to the State Robotics Initiative, Indiana had 72 elementary VEX IQ teams. We are proud to say that one year after launching the SRI, our state can boast an impressive 903 teams!

  Click here for a map of all Elementary Schools who currently have a VEX IQ team.

Click here for a map of all Elementary Schools who currently have a VEX IQ team.

By the Numbers (2016-2017 impact)

Thanks to our generous donors, we are offering a robotics grant for 400 more elementary schools for the 2017-18 school year.

Indiana Robotics College Scholarships

Click here to check out the different scholarships available for Indiana high school robotics students interested in attending college. 

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For additional information please contact George Giltner at George@TechPointYouth.org or 574.274.7799 (email is preferred unless urgent).