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From 72 Indiana Elementary teams in 2015 to over 1,500 now; we're not even sure that we knew what kind of impact this grant opportunity was going to have on Elementary students and teachers during the start of ! From our 1st year Post-Season Coach Survey, here are just a few of the statistics that we are excited to share:

  • Over 90% of coaches plan on returning for a second year (The remaining 10% are not returning to their current school and plan on starting teams at their new school)

  • Over 82% of teams have students that have committed to returning for a second year (a lot of students are 5th graders that are moving into a middle school that does not have a robotics team yet)

  • 92% of first year coaches had NO ROBOTICS experience (anyone can do it!)

  • 88% of teams participated in at least one competition last year (40% of teams attended more than one event)

  • 60% of coaches collaborated in some way with a coach from a different school

  • Over 90% of teams did not charge students a fee to join

Student Survey Results 

Following participation on VEX IQ Robotics team, there was a significant increase in elementary school students who reported that they:

  • plan to attend college

  • plan to take math and science courses in future years of school

  • expect to do well in science classes

  • are more acquainted with a scientist and/or mathematician

  • are more competent with robots and computer programming

Students also reported an increase in their ability to:

  • work with other students different from oneself

  • excel in English/Language Arts and Math classes

*Evaluations created by: STEM Education and Innovation Research Institute (SEIRI), at Indiana University, Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Teachers & Administrators are saying...

  • "This program should be offered in EVERY elementary for EVERY student to participate. There are more benefits to this program than any other one that has been offered in my 16 yrs of teaching!"

  • "Definitely boosted the confidence of our girls."

  • "It has had a profound impact on student's drive, passion, and commitment to lifelong learning in too many ways to name"

  • "I have one student already looking at colleges that have a robotics club. He's a 6th grader."

  • "Changed student's outlook on the science/technology field forever. My students creativity and critical thinking skills have soared to new heights due to this experience.

  • "This grant planted the seeds of passion in each child on this team."

  • "Children who would not hang out together have become friends."

  • "Has given the students who struggle with "typical" academic teams the opportunity to be successful in a different way."

  • "It has changed their lives."

Click above to read teacher testimonies from the 2017-18 season

Click above to read teacher testimonies from the 2017-18 season

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