Robot terms glossary

Veteran Team – 2nd year or more team
Autonomous Robot – Robot that can act on their own, independent of any controller, based on pre-program of instructions. 
Hardware – Physical aspects of computing systems
Software – Specific instructions giving to a computing system (programming)
Drivetrain – Base of the robot that contains features that allows the robot to move (frame with wheels and gears).
Appendage – Part of the robot that manipulates objects to play the game
Robotics Educator – This is the elementary teacher who will be responsible for meeting all grant requirements and assuring the success of the robotics team and the program as a whole. They will attend all meetings, competitions, and integrate robotics into their classroom.
Head Coach – This may be you, your STEM mentor or another teacher or parent. This person organizes the robotics team meetings, runs all robotics team meetings, attends all competitions.
Assistant Coach – This may be you, your STEM mentor or another teacher or parents. This person assists the head coach during robotics team meetings. 
STEM Mentor -  (optional but suggested) - This is a STEM professional volunteer who can either act as the head coach or assistant to the Robotics Educator. TechPoint Foundation for Youth can help pair each interested team with a STEM mentor. 
Student – 1st – 5th grader that is enrolled in your class.
Robotics Team Members – 1st – 5th grader who is on your robotics team
STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Pits – Location for your team to assemble in-between competition matches to work on your robot

Event Partner – Person who oversees a Robotics Competition. This person is typically a robotics coach.

Robot Nerd – Someone who lives and breathes everything robotics. (You in a few months, and your robotics students)