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Beer + Robots = BeerBots!

BeerBots is an exciting team building activity for employee groups that uses the VEX IQ snap together robotics kit and drive control system to create a fun, fast-paced competition. This event is specifically designed to be fun for any level of robot knowledge (teams are actually working with the robots our elementary school students use) so there's no experience necessary! All you need is a desire to have fun with robots while drinking beer and supporting a great nonprofit!

Here's how it works:

Similar to the team building that takes place for students on competitive robotics teams, BeerBots places employees in small teams and encourages them to utilize important collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in order to solve a predefined task while enjoying some healthy competition. Each organization has the ability to predetermine teams or allow employees to self-select into their teams.

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  1. BeerBots begins with an on-site training and then participants choose fun teams names and are slotted into a competitive tournament. Teams are given competition-ready robots, which are remote controlled using a provided controller that looks similar to a home gaming system controller. In addition, each team receives an identical “kit of parts” they can use during the build time of the event to make any tweaks, adjustments or additions to their robot. The parts are snap together pieces (similar to LEGOs) that can be quickly and easily added to the competition-ready robot for an extra advantage.
  2. During the competition portion of the event, robots battle for 1 minute, with a mandatory driver change at the 30 second mark. Both offense and defense is permitted during the battle and strategy is key. Following the qualification matches, winning bots will move onto the finals tournament phase of the event.

  3. The final phase of the event is the awards ceremony, where teams are awarded with customizable award certificates such as “The Badass Award,” “The Terminator Award,”and  “The Nerd Award.” Finally, the winning team receives a trophy to remember the event.

Want to learn more about BeerBots and discuss how to bring it to your company?
Email Maggie Cline at for more information!


Proceeds benefit TPF4Y’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs
for underserved Indiana students.

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