about stem partners

Launched under the name “Lilly Science Coaches” in 2011, the STEM Partners program matches Central Indiana teachers using project-based learning curriculum with local STEM-skilled professionals. These “STEM Partners” work 1:1 with the teacher and his or her students throughout the school year to create an environment where exploring STEM disciplines is fun and exciting. The majority of teachers participating in STEM Partners use Indiana Science Initiative or Project Lead the Way curriculum to facilitate project-based learning in the classroom. STEM Partner volunteers work alongside the teacher and students to complete the project while sharing insight from their day-to-day work and modeling good “STEM Skills” for students.

From just a few teachers and volunteers in 2011, the program has grown over the past six years to engage 100+ teachers and 150+ volunteers, serving students in Perry, Pike, Wayne, Warren, Washington, Avon, IPS, and more.

STEM Partners is excited to welcome new volunteers from companies outside of Lilly during the 2018-19 school year and to provide support for more students and teachers to experience hands-on science!


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