Giving Tuesday 2018

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday.
On November 27th, give thanks by giving back with a donation to TPF4Y.

From students, to volunteers, to teachers, to schools...

TPF4Y programs unite everyone in our mission to inspire underserved students
to become the future leaders of our state's STEM workforce.

But don't just take our word for it.


"I like the robotics team because I get to be an engineer. I feel more confident. I've learned that teamwork is better than doing things alone."
- Emma, 5th Grade Student

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“I’ve learned how to work with my team better. Robotics helps me learn to build because I want to become an engineer. I’ve learned to try new things at life.”
- Nate, 5th Grade Student

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“Robotics is very educational. I learn how to have good teamwork. It is fun because you can work with others. I feel more confident at school because I can help others with building.”
- Jarrah, 5th Grade Student


“It is so important to invest our time as volunteers into our youth.  Many of our kids do not have positive outlets for their creativity and being a part of the robotics team is giving allowing them to develop skill not only in robotics, but also in problem solving.  I have seen an increase in curiosity and drive in the students who take part in this program.  Kids are working together to better themselves, and it is bringing together groups of students who may otherwise not interact with each other.  It is awesome to watch!!”
- Joanna Schnepp, Volunteer


“Students crave attention from adults, and when they see teachers or community members volunteering to spend time with them as they showcase their skills, it excites them. It lets them know that people care about them and want them to have opportunities to better their future. It is my hope that it inspires them to also volunteer when they are older and show kindness to others through their actions.”
- Heather Rumple, Volunteer

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"The knowledge I gained at the TechPoint Foundation training allows me to support my students as they build, collaborate, and problem solve this competition season. The training reinforced the goals and vision set for my team and allowed me the forum to ask questions from trainers as well as receive tips and advice from experts in the field. Thanks to the training, I am able to teach my team how to delegate responsibilities, analyze problems, experiment with solutions, and document progress.”
- Jennifer Moore, Teacher & Robotics Coach

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“I appreciate the training I received from TechPoint Foundation for Youth. Everyone was patient in explaining how the robot works, how to get my team together and what a successful season should look like for a first year, second year team. We are now in our third year and I continue to be thankful for the support, trainings offered, and quick responses to questions that come up. The robotics program here at Mississinewa all began with a grant from TechPoint Foundation for Youth. The ways this program has impacted students is unbelievable. Students who were once so shy are finding a voice. Those that really didn't care to come to school are finding excitement in learning the world of robotics. Others are gaining confidence, making friends, and having fun while learning to collaborate.”
- Alysha Scott, Teacher & Robotics Coach

“The TechPoint Foundation for Youth's robotics grants have helped us to foster change in the way we view student programs.  Through robotics education, we are now able to serve a sector of our student population that has been overlooked in the past.  Our building climate is now more inclusive and we are proud to be able to partner with TechPoint Foundation to offer students with interests in technology and engineering a fresh approach to STEM education.”
- Amanda Varner, Assistant Principal

“I really can’t think of a better way to drive the future of life sciences in Central Indiana than to support TechPoint Foundation for Youth's work with STEM initiatives like VEX robotics. We at Roche are so proud of the legacy we helped build in Indianapolis more than 7 years ago with the launch of the IndyVRC and are thrilled with the statewide growth TPF4Y has achieved over the past few years.”
- Carole Puls, Roche Diagnostics

So mark your calendars and celebrate Giving Tuesday on November 27th with a gift to TPF4Y
to support STEM programs for Indiana students!

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