Beer + Robots = BeerBots!

BeerBots is an exciting, half-day team building activity for employee groups that uses the VEX IQ snap together robotics kit and drive control system to create a fun, fast-paced competition even a rookie Bot Battler will enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.35.45 PM.png

This event is specifically designed to be fun for any level of robot knowledge (teams are actually working with the robots our elementary school students use) so there's no experience necessary! All you need is a desire to have fun with robots while drinking beer and supporting a great nonprofit!

Ready to bring BeerBots to your next company outing? Here are the details:

We provide:

  • A pre-assembled robot drive base for 10 teams (4 people per team!)
  • All the extra pieces and motors you might need
  • Onsite training for all teams
  • Exciting robot game + competition fields
  • Scoring management
  • Referees & Emcee
  • Awards certificates & trophy
  • Highly rated robot playlist

You provide:

  • $5,000 donation to support TPF4Y's hands-on STEM programs
  • Up to 40 participants, 4 people per team (want a larger group? just let us know!)
  • A table and chairs for each team
  • Projector, screen & wifi access
  • Speakers & microphone
  • Food & drinks for participants

To learn more about BeerBots or to set up your company's event,
email Maggie at!

Proceeds benefit TPF4Y’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs
for underserved Indiana students.