Growing Indiana's Future

As the leader in technology education efforts for the state of Indiana since 2001, TechPoint Foundation for Youth is committed to inspiring our state's underserved K-12 students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We believe that our youth should be equipped to address Indiana's growing demand for a skilled workforce. 


TechPoint Foundation for Youth ensures Indiana's underserved K-12 students
have access to experiential learning opportunities
that inspire the pursuit of STEM careers. 


Access to a STEM learning opportunity for every underserved student in Indiana.


We are the resource for connecting
youth serving organizations, STEM programs, and STEM industry
to benefit Indiana's underserved K-12 students.

Since our start, we have become leaders at connecting philanthropic investments, human capital, and promising initiatives—Growing Indiana’s Future. We're an intermediary organization that is focused on making sure our partners' time and investments are plugged into the opportunities with the highest impact. Check out a field guide to what we do below.

TPF4Y Infographic - Aug.2017 Draft 2 (1).png

Our Goals

We are a unique resource strategically positioned to bring the right partners together, around the right programs, to benefit Indiana students.

In 2015, we completed a 3-year strategic plan outlining our goals to increase investments in our future generation of technology leaders by:

  • Developing statewide partnerships that allow us to accelerate high-impact STEM programs for students.
  • Increasing our communication within the STEM community to strengthen our current connections and broaden our reach.
  • Expanding our capacity in order to invest in more programs that inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

Annual report