Robot grants available: 

  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Elementary School (grades 1st-5th)
  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Middle School (grades 6th - 8th)
  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization  (grades 1st-8th)
  • Returning Team Recruitment Grant 

robotics Start-up grants

Up to 100 Elementary School and 200 Middle Schools start-up robotics grants are available to qualifying Indiana schools. 

Grant Includes

Expectations & Eligibility

Who can apply?

  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Elementary School (1st-5th) - Any Indiana educator (grades 1st - 5th) whose school does not already have a Elementary VEX IQ Robotics team.
  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Middle School (6th-8th) - Any Indiana educator (grades 6th - 8th) whose school does not already have a Middle VEX IQ Robotics team.
  • Robotics Start-Up Grant - Non-profit 501c3 (1st-8th) - Any Indiana non-profit educator employed by a 501c3 that serves students grades 1st-8th that does not already have a VEX IQ robotics team. 

*Not sure if your school is eligible for the Robotics Start-up grant? Please see full list of eligible schools - Click Here (don't see your school on the list? Please email

We encourage any 1st - 8th grade educator, whose school is eligible, to apply regardless of their robotics knowledge or content background (92% of 1st year robotics coaches have no prior robotics coaching experience). Robotics training will be available to all awarded educators and will include training and information on VEX IQ robotics kits, competition logistics, expectations for robotics educators and how educators can integrate Project Lead the Way activities (for elementary only) into the classroom with the new robotics kit.

Recipients of the grant will be expected to assemble a robotics team at their school and attend at least one robotics competition during the school year.

Please see Elementary School Terms and Conditions or Middle School Terms and Conditions for full grant requirements. 

Please note our timeline below for both the grant and VEX IQ Robotics season:

grant timeline.JPG

What questions will be asked on the grant?

Prepare for the application by reviewing the following:

Grant Instructions

  1. Review Proposal SummaryFAQ, and Terms and Conditions (Elementary Link or Middle School Link) of the Grant Application
  2. Appoint individuals to the following roles:

Robotics Educator - This is the educator who will be responsible for meeting all grant requirements and assuring the success of the robotics team and the program as a whole.

This individual will: 

  • click on the "Grant Application" button below and apply for the grant (elementary or middle school)
  • will be the main contact at their school throughout the season
  • be the robotics coach or provide support to an appointed STEM mentor volunteer coach
  • will attend free robotics training session to learn how to use robotics kit, how to become a robotics coach, and learn about PLTW classroom activities 
  • will implement at PLTW activity into the classroom (elemetnary only)

School Administrator Contact - This is a principal, vice principal, or counselor who will be a backup contact throughout the grant process.

STEM Mentor (optional but suggested) - This is a STEM professional volunteer who can either act as the head coach or assistant to the robotics educator. 

3. Obtain approval from your school principal or leader before you apply for the Robotics Start-Up Grant.

Grant Application Calendar

The Robotics Start-Up Grant will be available in 3 different cycles until all grants are awarded (200 middle and 100 elementary school grants). If, for example, all 200 middle school grants are awarded in the 1st cycle, but only 60 elementary grants are awarded, then there will only be 40 elementary grants available in the 2nd grant cycle and zero middle school grants. We encourage all schools to apply early so as not to miss out on this opportunity.  

Grant cycle calendar 2.JPG

This grant is intended for Public, Private or Charter Schools. If you are a non-school please apply for the Non-School Robotics Grant Application.

Robotics Start-Up Grant - Elementary School (grades 1st-5th)

Robotics Start-Up Grant - Middle School (grades 6th-8th)

Recruitment grant - Returning Teams

Help us spread the word!

Our goal is to provide robotics opportunities to ALL Indiana students! We know that there is no better advocate for our initiative than the coaches and teachers who have first hand experience with the incredible impact that robotics can have on students. We are offering a financial assistance opportunity to existing teams who can help us achieve our goal of starting more robotics programs throughout the state!

The Recruitment Grant application includes an opportunity to describe how you have, or will, make an effort to refer schools within your district and/or community to apply for the State Robotics Grant. Help a school apply for the start-up robotics grant and we will help sustain your team by paying for either your initial team registration or an additional team registration!

Grant Includes

(1) Registration for one VEX IQ Challenge team

Expectations & Eligibility

Who can apply?

  • Any returning VEX IQ robotics team and has recruited a new school to apply for the Robotics Start-up Grant.

Grant Instructions

    Prior to completing this applications, Robot Educators must:

    1. Complete the robotics season Post-Survey for TPF4Y grant teams (all Robotics Educators should have received this survey in an email if you have not please email
    2. Help a new school apply for the Robotics Start-Up Elementary or Middle School Grant (please be certain to prompt the applicant to list your school's name in the "Where did you hear about the State Robotics Initiative" section of their application).

    Recruitment Grant applicants will be considered for 2nd year financial assistance of up to $150 for their VEX IQ team registration for the 2018-19 school year.