Grant Overview

Up to 400 grants are available to Indiana elementary schools who qualify. Any interested elementary teacher is encouraged to apply, regardless of their robotics knowledge or content background. Robotics professional development will be available to all awarded educators and will include training and information on VEX IQ robotics kits, competition logistics, expectations for Robotics Educators and, most importantly, how educators can integrate Project Lead the Way activities into the classroom with the new robotics kit.

Please note our timeline below for both the grant and VEX IQ Robotics season:

Grant Includes

Awardees of the grant will receive the following:

  • One robotics professional development training session for awarded educators
  • VEX IQ Curriculum
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) classroom activities

Additionally the grant may include some or all of the items listed below:

Please note, only one grant will be awarded per eligible elementary school.

Selection Criteria

We anticipate a large number of applications and will use the following criteria to prioritize applicants:

  1. Elementary school does not have an existing elementary VEX IQ robotics team
  2. Only one grant will be awarded per school with priority going to the application with the most compelling responses to the Proposal Summary questions in the grant application

Grant Instructions

  1. Review our FAQ page, taking note of the State Robotics Grant Terms and Conditions as well as questions asked in the Proposal Summary of the Grant Application.
  2. Appoint individuals to the following roles:

Robotics Educator - This is the elementary teacher who will be responsible for meeting all grant requirements and assuring the success of the robotics team and the program as a whole.

This individual will: 

  • click on the "Grant Application" button below and apply for the grant
  • will be the main contact at their school throughout the season
  • be the Robotics Coach or provide support to an appointed STEM mentor volunteer coach
  • will attend free professional development training session to learn how to use robotics kit, how to become a robotics coach and learn about PLTW classroom activities 
  • will implement at PLTW activity into the classroom

School Administrator Contact - This is a principal, vice principal, or counselor who will be a backup contact throughout the grant process.

STEM Mentor (optional but suggested) - This is a STEM professional volunteer who can either act as the head coach or assistant to the Robotics Educator. TechPoint Foundation for Youth can help pair each interested team with a STEM mentor.  

3. Obtain approval from your school principal or leader before you apply for the State Robotics Grant 

Please note that the grant application is currently closed. However, if your interested in the grant and would like to be put on a wait list please fill out the wait list application below.