Help Promote the State Robotics Initiative Grant

We know that there is no better advocate for our initiative than the coaches and teachers who have first hand experience with the incredible impact that robotics can have on students. We are offering a financial assistance opportunity to existing teams who can help us achieve our goal of starting more robotics programs throughout the state! See how you can help:

  1. Check out the Robot Map to see what schools in your area are eligible for the 1st year robotics grant. 

  2. Contact the schools (teachers or principals) in your area who are eligible for the grant. (See sample emails below). Consider inviting them to a practice or a local competition to see first hand robotics in action.

  3. Follow-up your email with a phone call to help any answers they may have about becoming a Robotics Educator - interested teachers would love to hear first hand from a now "veteran" robotics educator. 

  4. Print out our SRI promotional flyer and post in the front office and teacher break rooms of the eligible schools in your area. Link to our Flyer

  5. If you are a returning robotics educator, and a new team signs up because of your efforts please fill out the Recruitment Grant Application

  6. Promote the grant on social media! (See sample posts below)

Sample Email 1 (for anyone interested in spreading the word about the grant)

Subject Line: Robotics Start-Up Grants Available for Indiana Elementary and Middle Schools!

Dear (Fill in name),

TechPoint Foundation for Youth currently has $560 Robotics Grants available to any Indiana elementary school, middle school, or 501(c)3 organization that does not already have a VEX IQ Robotics team!

The Robotics Grant includes:

  • VEX IQ Robotics Kit

  • Project Lead the Way classroom activities

  • Teacher Training and ongoing support

  • Team Registration Fees

We are encouraging all Indiana elementary schools, middle schools and 501(c)3 Organizations to provide a robotics program for their students through this unique grant opportunity. No experience needed.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth has already awarded over 500 grants to Indiana schools and 501(c)3 Organizations and there are more available! This grant application is straightforward, easy to complete and there is no catch. This is an amazing and unique opportunity for Indiana schools. Don't let your students to miss out!

Learn more and apply here today! (

Inquiries may be directed to

Thank you for consideration,

Sample Email 2 (For returning robotics educators/teachers)

Subject Line: Robotics Grant for your School

Dear (Fill in name),

I wanted to share a robotics grant that our school applied for and received last year. The TechPoint Foundation for Youth Robotics Grant pays for a robotics kit, team registration and training for your teachers involved.

We were hesitant at first to apply for the grant since our teachers did not know anything about robotics but after the training that TechPoint Foundation for Youth provided, and the support we received throughout our 1st year, we are so happy we started a robotics program at our school! Our students had an incredible experience and I would love to pass this along to your school. I would be more than happy to help you in anyway we can throughout the process.

Here is a link to the website that explains more about the robotics grant and how to apply.

Please feel free to reach out the TechPoint Foundation for Youth directly at with questions or I could even help answer your questions about starting a robotics team.  

Thank you for consideration,

Sample Social Media Post

Post on Twitter or Facebook about the grant:  

“Want a #robotics team at your school? @TPF4YRobots is granting FREE #VEXIQ robots & training to IN educators!